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Maxsell Bullet-Proof Jacket
UNconcealed bullet proof vests tell the bad guys to start taking head, hip and groin shots! Thus the biggest advantage to a Jacket Vest is that it is easy to throw on at a moment's notice, and the concealment is always there.

Even with the jacket open to take on or off, it still isn't all that obvious that it is body armor underneath. If one doesn't wear a vest all the time but want to have one on hand for quick deployment Jacket Vests are an ideal solution.

Made-to-order, and shipped in 2 to 6 weeks.
Front-opening Velcro for convenience and a super quick on and off. 2" ballistic panel overlap in front secured with Velcro Easy to throw on in a hurry, with the concealment built right in with the jacket. Double Aramid Kevlar / Twaron thickness coverage with the overlap on the front opening (2" wide).

Item Features
Jacket Outer Material: Water - and wind-resistant nylon shell outside
Inner Jacket Material: 300-weight polyester fleece in body and collar and pockets. (Sleeves are lined with smooth nylon for easy on/off)
Insulation: Thinsulate Insulation for warmth without bulk
Pockets: Two fleece-lined pockets outside and one easy-access pocket inside keep your gear secure.
Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash and dry - the jacket NOT the ballistics!

For more information, go to: http://www.maxarmory.com/agent-gear/body-armor/maxsell-jacket-vest-ballistic-clothing-covert-bullet-proof-jacket.html