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What Exactly Is a War Ended Without Victory?
By Harold Hutchison

Contrary to his claims Barack Obama has not “ended” wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has chosen to quit fighting Islamist terrorist groups, according to an article by talk-show host Dennis Prager. The article was published the day after two car bombs killed 23 people in Iraq.

In the article, Prager wrote, “The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not ended. Only America’s involvement has ended (in Iraq) or is about to end (in Afghanistan). And, unlike Sergeant Remsburg, America has quit.”

Prager also argued that the choice to quit means that Obama has chosen defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying, that “when a country leaves a war before achieving victory it is not called leaving. It is called defeat. The only goal of a war is victory. Even if you have been victorious on the battlefield — as we have been in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and as we were in Vietnam — if you leave before securing your ends, you will have lost the war.”

Prager noted that had such an action been taken after the Korean War, “All of Korea would have then become the concentration camp that North Korea is today.”