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Tourist Held by Secretive, Rogue, Regime
By Harold Hutchison

North Korea is claiming to have an American tourist in custody, claiming that he “acted in violation of the DPRK law” while in the country. If this claim is true, it would mark the third American to be held by the rogue regime.

According to media reports, Jeffrey Edward Fowle was taken into custody after he left a bible in his hotel room in Pyongyang. North Korea has held an American preacher, Kenneth Bae, since November 2012. Bae was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for undefined hostile acts against the North Korean regime.

Another American, Matthew Todd Miller, has been held since April of this year. According to one media report, he tore up a visa and demanded asylum. Last year, the North Koreans held a Korean War veteran in his 80s for a period of time.

At times, the North Koreans have been willing to release Americans they hold when former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter travel to the country.