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Close Result in Venezuela Could Create Chaos
By Harold Hutchison

Nicolas Maduro, the chosen successor to deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, claimed victory in Sunday’s election for the presidency of Venezuela, with 50.7% of the vote. However, opposition candidate Henrique Caprilas is demanding a recount.

"Maduro and his government are the losers," Capriles said, as he claimed 300,000 incidents involving voters. Maduro was the chosen successor of Chavez, who died of cancer last month. The results showed a margin of victory of 235,000 votes.

"The 'official loser' _the opposition - emerges even stronger than it did six months ago. These are very delicate situations in any political system, especially when there is so much mistrust of institutions," Javier Corrales, a political scientist at Amherst, told the Associated Press.