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UN To Pass Resolution Senator Derides as Weak
By Harold Hutchison

Senator John McCain has described himself as “deeply disappointed” about the terms of the resolution the United Nations Security Council will be voting on. The resolution lacks any option of military force if Syria does not comply, while McCain has been pushing for military action in that conflict, which would be America's third war in the MidEast.

“"The Russians have said consistently that they will not enact meaningful repercussions against Syria if they fail to comply,” McCain said on CBS This Morning. “I know for a fact the morale of the Free Syrian Army is at an all-time low.” Recently, a number of rebel groups have aligned with the goal to turn Syria into an Islamic republic based on sharia.

Meanwhile, Russia has offered to secure the Syrian stockpile of chemical weapons. “"When the process of eliminating the chemical weapons reaches its active phase, it will be necessary to provide for the safety of the sites where (the weapons) will be destroyed," Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Russian news agencies.

The UN Security Council resolution comes as a response to a 21 August attack using sarin gas.