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Senator Robert Menendez Claims Castro Regime Targeted Him
By Harold Hutchison

Did the oppressive Castro regime try to smear the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations? That is what Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ, official portrait on the left) is claiming happened to him, and he wants the Justice Department to investigate.

In an interview with Cable News Network, Menendez, who is a long-standing critic of the Castro regime’s rule over Cuba, made the stunning claims in an interview with reporter Dana Bash. The interview came after the Washington Post reported that the Central Intelligence Agency had discovered that Cuban agents were behind allegations that Senator Menendez had used the services of underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

“The democracy of the people of Cuba -- I have been outspoken in that regard, and I wouldn't be surprised that the regime would do anything it can to stop me from being in a position that ultimately would impede their hopes of getting a different relationship with the United States based upon their interest not the interest of the American people," Menendez told CNN.com.

Menendez had long used his position as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to advocate for the maintenance of sanctions on the Cuban regime. Menendez claimed that the Cuban regime had targeted him over that.

The alleged underage prostitution scandal broke when an anonymous caller called a non-profit group, Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, giving them the tip.