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Cite Ownership of Many Guns As Suspicious
By Harold Hutchison

A joint Homeland Security/FBI report issued this part August appears to be sliming gun collectors as potential terrorists. The alert citing the Norwegian gunman who killed over 70 people, came months after Obama’s gun-grabbing agenda was beaten back in the United States Senate.

“Possession of large amounts of weapons, ammunition, explosives, accelerants, or explosive precursor chemicals could indicate pre-operational terrorist attack planning or criminal activity,” the report states. It went on to describe a weapons possession arrest where a person was arrested with four pistols, a shotgun, and two rifles.

The Obama Administration, notably Attorney General Eric Holder, has long been supporting of strict gun laws. Vice President Joe Biden has been in the news recently for some of his questionable advice regarding self-defense.

The alert did say that “Constitutional activities should not be reported in a SAR or Information Sharing Environment (ISE) SAR absent articulable facts and circumstances that support the source agency’s suspicion that the behavior observed is not innocent, but rather reasonably indicative of criminal activity associated with terrorism, including evidence of pre operational planning related to terrorism.”