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Shooter With Violent Past Kills 12 Before Being Gunned Down
By Harold Hutchison

A mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard left the alleged shooter and twelve other people dead. Aaron Alexis, a discharged Navy veteran, was killed by responding law enforcement officers.

The shooting started at 8:20 in the morning on 16 September. Numerous law enforcement agencies, from the DC Metro police to the United States Marshals, responded to the scene, deploying active shooter teams. According to some media reports, Alexis brought a shotgun into the Navy Yard, then retrieved at least one weapon from security guards he had shot. According to some media reports, Alexis did not use an AR-15 rifle.

Multiple media reports also indicate that Alexis was receiving treatment for severe mental illness from the Veterans Administration. One report indicated that Alexis had been “hearing voices” and also was getting treatment for a sleep disorder and paranoia. Alexis had been arrested on three occasions, two of them involving firearms, but he was never convicted. His service record also had a track record of misconduct, but he still obtained an honorable discharge.