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Anti-Gun Colorado Congresswoman Displays Ignorance
By Harold Hutchison

The Colorado Congresswoman sponsoring a ban on magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition revealed ignorance of how firearms work when confronted in a forum hosted by the Denver Post. Representative Diana DeGette represents the First District in Colorado, a state which passed a sweeping magazine ban last month.

"I will tell you these are ammunition -- bullets -- so the people who have those now they are going to shoot them, and so if you ban -- if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available," she said.

A spokesman tried to dig DeGette out from the hole by saying, “she should have referred to 'clips,' which cannot be reused because they don't have a feeding mechanism.”

Both statements are inaccurate. According to a glossary available on the NRA web site, a magazine is defined as, “A spring-loaded container for cartridges that may be an integral part of the gun`s mechanism or may be detachable. Detachable magazines for the same gun may be offered by the gun`s manufacturer or other manufacturers with various capacities. A gun with a five-shot detachable magazine, for instance, may be fitted with a magazine holding 10, 20, or 50 or more rounds. Box magazines are most commonly located under the receiver with the cartridges stacked vertically. Tube or tubular magazines run through the stock or under the barrel with the cartridges lying horizontally. Drum magazines hold their cartridges in a circular mode. A magazine can also mean a secure storage place for ammunition or explosives.”

The glossary’s definition for “clip” reads as follows: “A device for holding a group of cartridges. Semantic wars have been fought over the word, with some insisting it is not a synonym for ‘detachable magazine.’ For 80 years, however, it has been so used by manufacturers and the military. There is no argument that it can also mean a separate device for holding and transferring a group of cartridges to a fixed or detachable magazine or as a device inserted with cartridges into the mechanism of a firearm becoming, in effect, part of that mechanism.”

Seems like Representative DeGette needs some remedial firearms education before she discusses this issue.