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Semi-Auto Handgun Manufacturers Pull Out
By Harold Hutchison

At least two major manufacturers of semi-automatic handguns are halting new handgun sales to California over regulations involving the implementation of a micro-stamping mandate. Ruger and Smith and Wesson announced the pullout this week.

According to the blog Ace of Spades, the declaration by California Attorney General Kamala Harris that micro-stamping technology was “viable” triggered the mandate. According to the California law, handguns now have to leave a gun’s make, model, and serial number in two locations on a fired cartridge to be on the state’s “approved” list.

New York also has a microstamping mandate, although it has not entered into force yet. New Jersey has a smart gun mandate that has yet to take effect. The blog says, “this is an idea that will spread to other states if CA pulls it off.”

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