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Russian Flag Raised Over Building
By Harold Hutchison

The parliament building of the republic of Crimea, an oblast in the Ukraine, was stormed by pro-Russian demonstrators who proceeded to raise the Russian flag. The actions lead to warnings from the Ukraine to Russia.

According to a report by Reuters, the seizure came as Russia began to hold large exercises near the Ukraine, including 150,000 troops and a number of fighter jets. NATO urged Russia to avoid any actions that would “escalate tension or create misunderstanding.”

Poland’s foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, noted that the seizure of the parliament building in Crimea was a “very dangerous game,” and was quoted by Reuters as saying at a news conference, “This is a drastic step, and I'm warning those who did this and those who allowed them to do this, because this is how regional conflicts begin.”

The Crimean peninsula is where the port of Sevastopol is located, which serves as a base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Ukrainian Navy.