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If you Google Audi NRA ad and see the various posts comments, etc. concerning that particular NO COMPROMISE Audi auto ad you will note the license plate of the cab which reads 2NRA294. There has been debate as to is that an accident or does it mean something.

The feelings are it is pretty random due to the 294.

But here is the solution if you convert numbers to words: The 2NRA294 plate reads 2 (to) NRA (the NRA) 294 ( February—second month of the year) of 1994 (94) the anti-gun Anti-Second Amendment act/law became officially effective.

Someone or the Company got that in – it is not a coincidence when combined with the NO COMPROMISE message of the Audi ad. Sort of reads to the NRA Brady Law became enforceable on February of 1994—don’t compromise!

Pretty cool and the solution.

Jim Shults