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Concealed Carrying Grandfather Stops Armed Robbery

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A 57-year-old man with a concealed carry permit and the sidearm to go with it was shopping at a Dollar General when two armed robbers showed up and, we can only assume, said "This is a stick-up!" They were wrong about that, it wasn't a stick-up, it was a gunfight. And they lost. The grandfather with the dangerous, child-murdering, warmongering pistol sprang into action and fired on the robbers, striking one twice and killing him. The other robber fled, but has been found and will most likely be charged with the murder of his accomplice.

When concealed carry first became a hot topic in Florida, critics of the laws said there would literally be blood in the streets. They failed to mention that it would be the blood of dangerous criminals. I think we're all okay with that.

Fine work, sir!

Source: WOKV Jacksonville