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Ankle Holsters

Ankle Holsters:

For several years, I've been carrying my copy of the Kahr PM45, as my
backup pistol. Small, flat, and short, and loaded with Cor-Bon 185gr DPX
ammunition, it makes a wonderful little six-shooter.

I've been carrying it, very comfortably, in a Comp-Tac IWB holster on my
support (left) side. However, with two guns, plus spare magazine, and
First-Light Tomahawk flashlight, my waistband is heavy.

My good friend, Tom Kulwicki, who now runs Alessi Holsters in NY (since the
passing of my old friend and colleague, Lou Alessi, in 2009) recently sent

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The news today is that the TSA officer who was wounded, and ultimately died, during the LAX shooting incident of 31 Oct 13, probably bled to death, and probably could have been saved, had competent aid gotten to him in a timely manner. Nearly all of the victims at the Columbine school shooting in 1999 died in a similar manner, and for the same reason.

Elbit C Music Anti-Aircraft

Introducing WildCat

1911 Pistol World Record Distance Shoot

Sportsman Shooting Center Announces Grand Opening Date of September 21, 2013!

American Sportsman Shooting Center Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aimpoint Holding,  is pleased to announce the official grand opening date of September 21, 2013 for America's first indoor hunting shooting center - the Sportsman Shooting Center located in Grapevine, TX.

John Chapman Joins Laser Devices Inc. as Senior Global Support Specialist


Laser Devices Inc. announces the hiring of John “Chappy” Chapman as Senior Global Support Specialist.

Chappy’s key responsibilities at Laser Devices include product training and field support for Military and Law Enforcement customers. In addition, he will be supporting sales and marketing efforts to the U.S. Military, Federal Government, and State and Local Law Enforcement agencies. John will also conduct live fire demonstrations both domestically and internationally.

AK47 Book:Soldier of Fortune; April 1987


“Green” Ammo Less Capable Than Good Old Lead
By Harold Hutchison

Troops still fighting in Afghanistan may be saddled with less-effective ammo – all in the name of protecting the environment. The round in question is the new 5.56mm round being issued, the M855, called the Enhanced Performance Round.

However, past reports have indicated that officials have known for years that the new rounds, which use copper instead of lead, have “not been providing the ‘stopping power’ the user would like at engagement ranges less than 150 yards.”


X-47B Passes New Test
By Harold Hutchison

A prototype unmanned combat air vehicle landed on the carrier USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77) on 10 July, marking the first time any UAV had trapped on a carrier. This development means that carriers could eventually operate drones as part of their air wings. The X-47B also carried out takeoffs from the carrier, following up on earlier successes with carrier takeoffs from USS Harry S Truman.


New Vehicle From Boeing
By Harold Hutchison

When you think Boeing, you tend to think aircraft like the B-52 or C-17 – or these days, helicopters like the CH-47 Chinook and AH-64. But Boeing’s got a new ground vehicle in the works that could help Marines a lot!

The new Phantom Badger looks like a miniature jeep. The real advantage is that this vehicle fits in a V-22, and can help move items like the M120 120mm mortar, TOW anti-tank missile launcher, and other weapons. It can also help move supplies, and is easily able to be converted to various roles.


The M4 May Soldier On
By Harold Hutchison

The Army is considering cancelling the Improved Carbine project – raising questions about what will be done with $300 million in the budget. The program had come under audit by the Pentagon’s Inspector General.

According to a report from Military.com, the House Committee on Government Oversight was told of the audit of the program, in which a number of gun companies, including Heckler & Koch, FNH-USA, Remington Defense, Adcor Defense Inc. and Colt Defense LLC, are competing to provide a carbine with more reliability than the current M4A1.