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Check out this article by Gary Paul Johnston from the January 2008 issue of SOF about the Russian PKM machine gun!

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New Bullet Tech?

Kimber - 1911 Pistols

Pistol Calibers

"It all depends..."

For my first Quip of 2014, I will talk briefly about trends in serious
pistol calibers.

When asked about pistol calibers and guns, and which is "best," I'm
reminded of this poetic advice given to aspiring poker players by one of my
favorite authors on the subject, John Vorhaus:

"Poker is a challenge, built on tendencies and trends
And many tough decisions, upon which a session bends
So, when I'm asked for advice by strangers, or by friends,
I look them squarely in the eye and answer,

'It depends'"

... I am just a politician


Fire Extinguishers for School Defense Weapons

As far back as the early the 1980s Jim Shults* talked about how police SWAT units could use a dry powder fire extinguishers (and other everyday devices) as non-lethal assault "weapons" for use against opponents in structures. Shults also lectured how these could be used in hostage events either by the police in rescue attempts or by defenders against an assault.

Shults' idea faded over time and was not used but has seen some minor Internet discussion in the recent few years, but not in the context presented here.


Mikahil Kalashnikov, 1919-2013

Comments on the life of Kalashnikov:

When confronted, innumerable times, by air-headed Western journalists (is
there another kind?) with regard to his AK-47 rifle and it ubiquity,
Kalashnikov always replied with some variation of:

"I sleep well. It's politicians who are to blame for failing to come to
agreement and resorting to violence."

In context, Kalashnikov was a patriot, who did his country a significant
service by recognizing a gap in its war-fighting toolkit during the aftermath


Inventor of AK-47 Passes Away at Age of 94
By Harold Hutchison

The man who invented the AK-47, the world’s most common assault rifle, has died. According to media reports, Mikhail Kalashnikov died in a hospital in Izhevsk, Russia.

Kalashnikov was born in 1919, roughly two years after the Russian Revolution that swept Communists into power. Kalashnikov, who was wounded in action during World War II, started designing the rifle in 1945. Eventually, over 100 million of the rifles would be produced, flooding the globe.

School "Security"

"Solutions" in NY

In the "liberal utopia" of NY, it is apparently very "PC-sheik" for
school officials to publically, and oh, so piously, declare that they just "can't fathom" all the bad things that can happen to people on campuses for
which they're responsible.

A local police official in the Buffalo area even suggests that potential
victims of school violence defend themselves with staplers! Victims in "the fight for their lives" are apparently allowed to "fight," just so long as it is hapless, pointless, and has no chance of success. Fighting in an

Civilization in Decline

Western civilization in decline:

"Who naively think we can be happy and prosperous by letting the government
'take care of us,' rather than taking care of ourselves, had better take
a closer look at the American Indian!"


>From a friend and student who came here to the USA from Eastern Europe in
the early 1960s:

"When I was growing up under Communism in Poland in the 1950s, I would
constantly hear how we all needed to 'sacrifice' for a just a while longer
(the 'wait' was to last forever; with Communists, it always does!), and 'do

Problem "Solvers?"

"Solving" Problems?

"The worst enemies of new radicals, are 'old' liberals!"

Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin)

"... the status-quo will never want for an advocate"


NY's obscure "Department of Environmental Conservation" is now proposing a
state-wide ban on wild pig hunting, despite the fact that wild pigs are
calamitously destructive to farmland, all because:

" . . . . while Eurasian boars are a threat to the environment and its
natural resources, hunting them only hinders the efforts of DEC... to capture

Media Bias!

Media and Guns

Anti-gun bias in the media is decades old, although they sheepishly, and
oh-so self-righteously, deny it.

Anti-gun groups, like the Brady Bunch, are unfailingly described by the
media as "experts" (even though none of them could distinguish a gun from a
waffle-iron), and their intrinsic, far-left, Marxist agenda is never

By contrast, when the NRA or GOA are quoted, they are always pre-identified
as biased in favor of private gun-ownership.

Thus, the Bradys make "statements," and are never questioned. NRA, by


"Their titles are legitimate... their children are not!"

>From "Come Along with Me," from the 1953 Broadway Musical Production, "
Can-Can" Original version sung by Hans Conried

>From a friend in NY:

"A local physician was recently issued an appearance ticket by Sheriff's
Deputies in Wayne County, NY for stealing lawn signs opposing NY's "SAFE"

Can you imagine the degree of bias this MD has against people who only want
gun ownership to continue to be legal? So much bias that she is willing

Mentally Ill?

Manufactured "epidemics?"

Stalin, and his successors, routinely declared political opponents, even
mild critics, "mentally ill," and subsequently disenfranchised them,
eventually forcing them into gulags (masquerading as "mental hospitals") Most
were never seen again, their "mental illness" being apparently "incurable!"
An army of psychologists was recruited, and terrorized into endorsing the
Administration's sinister plans for these individuals.

Modern-day leftists, currently in charge here, are now moving in the same

The Ad the NFL Doesn't Want You to See