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M4 carbine

Did Army Know About M4 Carbine Flaws?
By Harold Hutchison

Could flaws in the M4 carbine have been corrected before American troops went into battle during the War on Terror? One retired general is claiming that the M4 is “virtually useless.”

The Winds!

"... the winds that will blow then!"

Even as a non-lawyer, it disturbers me when our Chief Executive regularly displays disdainful contempt for laws duly passed by his own Congress, according to the provisions of our Constitution, which they all took an oath to, and piously profess to "uphold and defend." He apparently arrogantly thinks laws can be nonchalantly violated by him, with nary a whimper from that same Congress, from either party, nor from the Courts, and always to the cynical cheers of the leftist media/propaganda machine, masquerading as "journalists."


From the May, 2008 issue of SOF! Gary Paul Johnston reviews a SPR Carbine in 6.8x43mm!


Our Country! This, from a friend who is here as a resident alien:

"I've lived in your country for a number of years, and I love it as much as my own. Why any reasonable person could even imagine that I would be somehow 'offended' by Americans celebrating their own history and culture is far beyond my ability to understand. Sounds as if the only ones that school administrator cares about are illegal immigrants!

Standing Tall!

Taking a stand, no matter the conditions. Hurrah! A sheriff who knows what he stands for and, unlike most politicians, actually takes his oath of office seriously!

Our courageous Larimer Co Sheriff, Justin Smith, was out personally, yesterday morning, in uniform, in front of Ft Collins, CO High School. He was carrying an American flag and standing in the cold with high-school students who planned on celebrating their own nation during a "Spirit Week" event.

The student council wanted to designate a day to celebrate the red, white & blue.

Ready or Not!

Individual Preparedness:

This from a friend in Atlanta, GA:

"Few locals were prepared for this weather! I personally witnessed several thousand people walking away from abandoned vehicles, on just one highway. Ice was an inch thick! I drove as far as I could yesterday morning, and then walked three more miles, all in order to rescue a friend, his wife, and daughter after their car ran out of gas. They sat in their cold car for seventeen hours before I got to them. I brought them, and five other hungry, cold strangers to my house. Hope they can get out today."

Kimber Adirondack

THE M14 TODAY, Parts I and II

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Check out this article by Gary Paul Johnston from the January 2008 issue of SOF about the Russian PKM machine gun!

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New Bullet Tech?

Kimber - 1911 Pistols

Pistol Calibers

"It all depends..."

For my first Quip of 2014, I will talk briefly about trends in serious
pistol calibers.

When asked about pistol calibers and guns, and which is "best," I'm
reminded of this poetic advice given to aspiring poker players by one of my
favorite authors on the subject, John Vorhaus:

"Poker is a challenge, built on tendencies and trends
And many tough decisions, upon which a session bends
So, when I'm asked for advice by strangers, or by friends,
I look them squarely in the eye and answer,

'It depends'"

... I am just a politician


Fire Extinguishers for School Defense Weapons

As far back as the early the 1980s Jim Shults* talked about how police SWAT units could use a dry powder fire extinguishers (and other everyday devices) as non-lethal assault "weapons" for use against opponents in structures. Shults also lectured how these could be used in hostage events either by the police in rescue attempts or by defenders against an assault.

Shults' idea faded over time and was not used but has seen some minor Internet discussion in the recent few years, but not in the context presented here.


Mikahil Kalashnikov, 1919-2013

Comments on the life of Kalashnikov:

When confronted, innumerable times, by air-headed Western journalists (is
there another kind?) with regard to his AK-47 rifle and it ubiquity,
Kalashnikov always replied with some variation of:

"I sleep well. It's politicians who are to blame for failing to come to
agreement and resorting to violence."

In context, Kalashnikov was a patriot, who did his country a significant
service by recognizing a gap in its war-fighting toolkit during the aftermath