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"Smart" Guns?

This morning, I saw a news report on so-called "smart" pistols. It seems NJ and CA (what a surprise?) are currently considering legislation requiring this "new" technology on all sales of new pistols.

Of course, the reporter, who obviously knows nothing about guns (another surprise!), didn't even know enough to ask relevant questions. She just drooled over the sample gun and handed the microphone over to a local retailer who recited several lines from the manufacturer's own promotional material. They call this sewage "journalism!"

Somebody Else?

In the 1950s, Dick Powell played "Nick Charles," lead character in the dramatic series, "The Thin Man," in the days of dramatic radio. Nick Charles was a dapper, itinerant detective who, with his ever-curious wife (played by Myrna Loy), effortlessly solved criminal cases that were otherwise baffling to local police. In the 1960s, now on black-and-white television, the lead roll was played by a good-looking Kennedy in-law, Peter Lawford. His saucy wife was played by the very attractive Phyllis Kirk.


In The Hands of a Gangster…
By Harold Hutchison

A member of the Crips street gang was caught with a pistol that had been issued to an FBI agent after he was pulled over on 12 April. The firearms had been stolen back in January from the FBI agent’s home.



De Blasio Refuses Bid from Reloader
By Harold Hutchison

In 2012, Georgia Arms was able to purchase over 14 tons of spent shell casing from the city of New York after winning an auction. The spent shell casings were later reloaded and sold to the public. However, this year, the company has been excluded from the first auction since the one in 2012 on orders of New York’s mayor.

Caught Unprepared!

"From the tip of his toes to his head, he looks like an unmade bed."

>From "Style," featured in the 1964 musical film, "Robin and the Seven Hoods." Most popular version sung together by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby

This uncomfortable lesson comes to us from yesterday's drama at the Boston Marathon, on the anniversary of last year's bombing incident.


USPS Seeks 1.5 Million Rounds
By Harold Hutchison
The United States Postal Service is seeking to purchase up to 1.5 million rounds of ammunition. The request is the last from agencies like the Social Security Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A Police Career

"An honest man speaks the truth, though it gives offence. A vain man, in order that it may."

William Hazlitt

With regard to the foregoing, without vanity nor immersing myself, once more, in the endless discussion about calibers and capacities, here is a sage note from a friend, recently retired, who worked in a large metro PD for many years. This particular metro area is famous for its high rate of violent crime:


Springfield XDM

From the April 2009 issue:
Gary Paul Johnston helps put Springfield's XDM pistol through its paces. Anyone familiar with the XD could simply pick up the new version and use it, as if they’d been carrying it all their life, but they might just be yelling, “WOW!”


Sues over ATF Claims it Made Silencer
By Harold Hutchison

Sig Sauer has filed suit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, claiming that that agency’s “determination” that a muzzle brake the company designed should be regulated as a silencer. The gunmaker’s suit, filed 7 April, seeks to have the determination of the Firearms Technology Branch (FTB) of BATFE set aside.

Victims, by Policy

"At Dawn, We Slept!"

We can all clearly see how much mayhem a single lunatic, armed only with a pistol, can do among unarmed members of our 'armed' forces, all the base 'security' notwithstanding.

Can you imagine how many innocent, unarmed soldiers will be murdered during a coordinated attack on a base by real terrorists? I have to believe they're planning it right now. It will be exactly like the shopping mall attack in Kenya!

We might as well be sitting in Pearl Harbor in 1941!

Comments from friends in the system:

Good News from Chicago!

"Since no politician ever believes what he says, he is quite surprised when taken at his word!"

Charles de Gaulle

>From a friend in the area:

"I recently noted two interesting facts:

1) The City of Chicago (formally 'murder-capital of the nation') has just reported it's lowest murder rate since 1958!

2) CPD just reported a fatal shooting (justifiable homicide, not a murder) of a local thug by a legally-armed citizen with a valid IL CCW and FOID, noting that 'authorities (unspecified) also determined the man acted in legitimate self-defense and will not face charges.'

The Argument

"Hypocrisy cannot be forgiven, because 'repentance' for a hypocrite, is itself hypocrisy."


I have scant tolerance for lickspittles and ethical cowards, uniformed or not!

It seems our current senior military "leadership" has become so enamored of their positions, that they have forgotten their oath to defend our Constitution, not just to make sure their leftist commissars are protected from the embarrassment that always attaches when they are challenged by reality!


Of yesterday's shooting victims, all were military, and none were armed and able to defend themselves, nor each other, from a gun-wielding, murdering lunatic who apparently didn't get the memo about the Base being a "Gun-Free Zone!"

As soon as the suspect was confronted by military police, he committed suicide, typical MO for active murderers.

The Fall of Rome!

"What assurance have we that our masters will, or can, keep the promise which induced us to sell ourselves? Have we discovered some new reason why, this time, power should not corrupt as it has done before?"

CS Lewis

CA Senator Diane Feinstein, a steadfast defender of the intelligence community's programs to invade our privacy, read our mail, track our phone calls, etc, is now curiously turning on her erstwhile allies in the CIA. Apparently she was all for them spying on us, the unwashed, but is shocked to discover that they were also spying on her!

Typical liberal hypocrite!

The Essence of War

Follow-up on war-winning rifles:

To quote Hitler:

"When you win, you need not explain. When you lose, you will not be there to explain!"

I might add: ... nor would anyone care, even if you were!

Some of what follows is controversial, but this issue needs to see the light of day, while it still matters. Many of my colleagues have enthusiastically commented, so I'm going to amalgamate their comments into one Quip:
To reiterate: the purpose of a battle rifle is to win wars.