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Combat Weaponcraft


Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO)
Number of Night Vision settings: 4 night vision settings
Weight: 11.6 ounces
Mount: QRP2 mount for M1913 standard
Picatinny rail and spacer for AR15/M4
Battery life: 30,000 hours/3 years on setting 7


Laser Devices’ NEW Class I Infrared Laser Pointers are now available for commercial purchase. Designed with the same cutting-edge technology and quality MIL-SPEC housings as their high powered military devices, these NEW ‘Eye-Safe’ lasers are powered with a Class I, Infrared pointer for use with night vision devices.


20 October, 2009: A patrol near Asadabad, Afghanistan comes under fire from insurgent forces. What could have been a bad firefight isn’t. Instead, the patrol calls in support, and it comes in the form of Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons. The F-16s drop precisionguided weapons and destroy the enemy positions.


Using Lasers is like cheating, plain and simple. But, you should never fight fair, so take any advantage you can get. If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didnʼt plan your mission properly.

A Spectacular Launch
Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) conducted their first Civilian Night Operator’s Class at the Telluric Group facility, Brunswick, Georgia, July 23–24, 2011. The open enrollment class was attended mainly by civilians, with some defense industry members and law enforcement officers.

USS Wasp Concludes JSF Testing

Amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1) returned to its homeport of Naval Station Norfolk Oct. 21 after spending three weeks at sea hosting the initial sea trials of the F-35B Lightning II, Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

The first F-35B landed on WASP's flight deck Oct. 3, beginning an 18-day test period for the aircraft. During the testing, two F-35B Marine Corps test jets (BF-2 and BF-4) accomplished vertical landings and short take-offs under various conditions.

Deploying Soldiers to receive ballistic briefs

Deploying Soldiers will have several new items in their kit when they deploy, including ballistic underwear designed to mitigate some of the effects of an improvised explosive device, or IED, blast.

During a round table session with PEO Soldier Oct. 6, Col. William Cole, project manager for Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment, highlighted some of the new equipment Soldiers will be seeing in the field.

In Afghanistan, improvised explosive devices are causing an increased number of lower body injuries, including the groin area, during dismounted operations.

Cargo UAS to Deploy, Keeping Trucks off the Road

The Navy and Marine Corps announced Oct. 5 its plan to deploy the service's first cargo unmanned aircraft system to Afghanistan next month.

Adm. Bill Shannon, program executive officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, approved Lockheed Martin/Kaman's K-MAX unmanned helicopter for a six-month deployment to augment Marine Corps ground and air logistics operations.

"I am very excited to deploy a system that will keep our Marines and Sailors out of harm's way and ultimately save lives," said Shannon.

Joint Strike Fighter F-35B Lightning II

Video by Navy Visual News Service


LaRue OBR PredatAR 7.62
The PredatAR 7.62 is designed for those who are searching for a lightweight, ultrareliable and accurate 7.62 mm NATO rifle for home defense, competition shooting or hunting. The PredatAR takes the highly accurate OBR 7.62 “Heavy” design, and lightens it in every possible way with the least possible impact to the accuracy for which the standard OBR is known. By contouring the barrel, skeletonizing the handguard, lowering and simplifying the upper rail, and using a low-profile gas block, LaRue was able to remove roughly two pounds from the standard OBR 5.56 rifle.