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Discussions of the size and caliber of a “proper” handgun are never ending. While this is a good thing, it often gets out of hand with strong, confusing opinions. Let’s sort this out, while showcasing a brand new pistol designed for personal protection.

To simplify, there are two types of handguns—big ones and small ones. These include revolvers and self-loading pistols and we’ll only deal with small self-loading pistols here.

SOF Checks Out AR-15s

RKB Checks Out A Long-Range AR-15

RKB Visits Kimber at NRA Annual Meeting

RKB Visits DS Arms at NRA Meeting



It finally happened. I got inside the bowels of SureFire for the best part
of an afternoon to see what new products they had as well as how the operation was run. Andy Stafford, a SOF convention regular, had invited me out a year ago, but the stars said no.

As it was, by the time we had pinched, prodded, shook, and photographed through a couple of divisions, it was too late to check out SureFire’s snuffers or knives. Oh, well, next time.

North American Police Sniper Summit

We are pleased to announce that North American Police Sniper Summit
Seminar being conducted on Sunday Oct 3rd is being offered at no
cost to the law enforcement sniper community. Troy Industries has
sponsored this portion of the event.

The FBI and the Thompson Submachine Gun

(Larry Wack, Walt Merritt, Bill Matens and Or. John Fox assisted the author in preparing and submitting this article)

Charter Arms Bulldog, 44 Special Tiger Specs:

Col. Robert Brown also shot a Charter Arms Bulldog revolver in .44 Special in the class with a sweet black and green tiger stripe finish that was awesome. Col. Brown liked the trigger and the caliber and how light the gun is. At only 21 ounces, it is so light you could easily and comfortably carry it in your front pocket in a pocket holster. The grips on it are rubber which is fantastic, especially when you are sweating and have a built in laser for low light sighting made by Crimson Trace.

Model: ............24420
Finish:..............Black & Tiger Striped