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Anti-war Group Linked to Terrorist Fronts in Yemen and Turkey
By Harold Hutchison

The anti-war group Code Pink, whose leader, Jodie Evans, was a bundler for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, has been linked to at least two al-Qaeda fronts. One of the links was discovered in connection with a raid carried out by police in Turkey.

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, the raid, carried out on Tuesday, targeted the Humanitarian Relief Fund, a group tied to the flotilla that was involved in a 2010 incident with the Israeli Defense Force that turned fatal. The group was suspected to have ties to Hamas and al-Qaeda.

The blog Gateway Pundit reported that Code Pink also had ties to al-Karama, a human rights group whose leader, Mohammad Al Ahmady, has ties to an al-Qaeda front in Yemen. The group, which briefed left-wing members of Congress on drone strikes, was declared a terrorist group by the Obama Administration’s Treasury Department.

Should Congress look into Code Pink’s ties to terrorist fronts?