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Coalition forces engage armed individuals in Ghazni

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Coalition forces killed one armed individual and detained several others in Gelan district, Ghazni province, yesterday.

An International Security Assistance Force air weapons team observed a group of armed individuals setting up an ambush position and also observed an ISAF mounted patrol travelling in the direction of the ambush position. The air weapons team declared in imminent threat and engaged the ambush position, killing one.

After the air weapons team engaged the position the armed individuals fled to their vehicles and drove away. The individuals were stopped by an ISAF patrol which then attempted to treat the wounded individuals. The wounded individuals refused treatment at the site.

Coalition forces detained the individuals and took them back to an ISAF forward operating base to be processed and receive medical assistance.

A ground battle damage assessment was conducted at the scene and two PKM machine guns; four AK-47s; grenade launchers and ammunition; one rocket-propelled grenade launcher with ammunition; and one recoilless rifle were found at the scene.

ISAF is aware of media reports of an air weapons team killing private security guards in a logistics convoy. After a review of all operational reporting, ISAF can confirm there was not an ISAF logistics convoy in the area at the time of the incident and current reporting indicates the armed individuals are not security contractors.

ISAF will hand the detained individuals over to Afghan security forces.

Article by ISAF Joint Command