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Only 40,000 “Large Capacity” Magazines Registered
By Harold Hutchison

A sweeping gun grab that was passed in the middle of the night may be the target of non-compliance by gun owners in the Nutmeg State. Controversy also exploded over registrations that were not postmarked until 2 January due to the early closure of post offices.

According to reports by ctnewsjunkie.com, initial counts indicated that just over 50,000 fireamrs that the gun grab designated as “assault weapons” were registered, but less than 39,000 “large capacity” magazines were, an average of less than four magazines per five firearms were registered as well. This has led to speculation of civil disobedience from Robert Farago at TheTruthAboutGuns.com, who posted a reader comment that noted that there were estimates of 370,000 such firearms and over 1 million such magazines in the state.

Some in Connecticut have been suggesting an amnesty, but Jerry Lawlor, the Under Secretary for Criminal Justice and Policy Planning, said that those applications dropped off but not postmarked until 2 January would not be processed. The Hartford Courant noted that a letter from Lawlor said that those whose applications were not processed could “render the firearm or magazine inoperable, sell it to a licensed gun dealer, remove it from the state, or turn it over to law enforcement.”