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Targeted for Removal from Service, Wife’s Medical Benefits Cut Off
By Harold Hutchison

An airman who had served for 27 years, and had signed a six-year enlistment renewal was being targeted for departure from the service. Technical Sergeant Layne Wilson had written the chaplain of West Point, protesting a same-sex wedding at the West Point Chapel that he believed was in violation of the Defense of Marriage Act.

According to a report by Fox News Radio, Wilson was reprimanded for raising the questions, and the Air Force began to move to throw him out. According to a memo by Lt. Col. Kevin Tobias, Wilson was told “maybe this is a good time for him to move on because we’ve been ordered to not have an opinion about gays in the military and we need to treat them as we would treat anyone else in the service of our country.”

Tobias would add that he was “not comfortable reenlisting him with his strong feelings about this matter.” Wilson’s six-year contract was rescinded, and replaced with a one-year contract. According to John Wells, an attorney representing Tech. Sgt. Wilson, Wilson’s wife, who is being treated for stage four breast cancer, had her medical benefits cancelled until Wilson agreed to the one-year extension.

The six-year extension was later reinstated, but Wilson still has the reprimand on file, and is seeking to have it expunged. Is this another sign of religious freedom for the troops being placed at risk?