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Xinjiang Firefight Between Cops and Criminals
By Harold Hutchison

A nasty gunfight in China’s Xinjiang Region, which has been violent since 2009 riots killed 200 people, left 21 people dead. The fight started after social workers called in police after seeing some people with knives.

"While [the social workers] were in the process of reporting this to their superiors they were apprehended by bandits who were hiding in the home. Afterwards policemen and community cadres at the local police station went to handle the matter, and the bandits killed the police and community workers who were inside the home," a local official in the region told Voice of America News.

Of the 21 killed, six were gangsters, while the other fifteen were social workers or police. The Xinjiang Region is the home to a number of Uighur Moslems. The ChiCom government has been carrying out a crackdown on the Uighurs, claiming that they are fighting separatists and Muslim extremists.