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Order Non-ChiCom Fishing Vessels Out of South China Sea
By Harold Hutchison

While the world’s attention has been focused on the crisis in the Ukraine, the ChiComs have not been idle. Chinese Communist forces have been pushing out fishing vessels from other countries.

According to a report by TheDiplomat.com, the ChiComs began enforcing maritime regulations set forth in November out of Sansha city, a military base set up in the Paracel Islands. The ChiComs have been more aggressive in the South China Sea over recent years as the Unted States has made major defense cuts.

Recently, military officials from the Philippine Armed Forces reported that fishing vessels were attacked with water cannons by ChiCom forces near the disputed Scarborough Shoals. The ChiComs and Vietnamese have disputed ownership of the Paracel Islands, and fought a battle around those islands in 1974.

Taiwan has rejected the maritime regulations, and also claims the Paracel Islands. Other territorial disputes in South China Sea involve the Spratley Islands and the Natuna Islands. Seven countries, Communist China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia have various claims in that body of water.