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Chavez: 'Absolutely Fine'

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says recent medical tests following his cancer treatments show he is "absolutely fine."

The president said Saturday the exams included imaging tests, which are used to check for the reappearance of tumors.

​​Chavez, who is seeking a new six-year term as president in the October elections, has yet to disclose specific details about his type of cancer.

He has traveled to Cuba several times to have tumors removed from his pelvic region and has undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

His lack of transparency about his illness has fueled speculation about whether he will be strong enough to campaign.

The socialist leader said Saturday he has "faith in God" and his own will to live to "continue fighting" for Venezuela.

​​President Chavez will officially register as a presidential candidate Monday. His opponent will be Henrique Capriles, 39, who was chosen as the sole opposition candidate.

Article by VOA News