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Candidate Dies in Crash!
By Harold Hutchison

A helicopter crash in northern Paraguay has killed Lino Oviedo, who reportedly played a role in deposing Alfredo Stroessner in 1989, and who was running for the presidency of the South American nation.

The crash, which occurred on Saturday, could throw the upcoming presidential election into chaos. At least six other candidates are running for the presidency, which is currently held by Frederico Franco, who took over the position after Fernando Lugo was impeached.

Oviedo fled the country after being accused of plotting a coup in 1996, and was suspected of involvement in the 1999 assassination of a politician. In 2004, he returned to Paraguay, and served prison time for the alleged coup plot, but in October, 2007, the Paraguayan Supreme Court overturned the conviction.

Oviedo ran in the 2008 presidential election, garnering 21.9% of the vote.