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Chaos Erupts in Haiti After Election

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Haitians voted Sunday in the most important elections in years in the earthquake and cholera-ravaged country.

Within hours of the election's start, chaos and confusion erupted at the polling places and protesters took to the streets around the Caribbean nation. Officials say two deaths have been reported.

Twelve of the 19 presidential candidates collectively denounced outgoing President Rene Preval, accusing him of devising a conspiracy to hand the presidency to his party's candidate, Jude Celestin. The candidates say they want the election canceled.

U.N. officials expressed concern about the "numerous incidents" that disrupted voting.

Allegations ranging from outright fraud to polling place disorganization that disenfranchised many Haitians nearly brought the election to a halt.

Many voters had no idea where to vote, while others arrived at polling stations to find that their names were not on the rolls.

Article by VOA News