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Chaghcharan: ANA and PRT EOD teams held their first joint operation

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For the first time in early January of 2013, the Afghan National Army (ANA) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team and the Lithuanian-led Ghor Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-16) participated in a joint explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operation. They neutralized 35 units of various types of explosives, which were transferred to NDS (National Directorate of Security) agents.

After the operation, PRT Chaghcharan EOD team commander OF-3 Darius MINEIKA stated: "As we approach the transition moment in Ghor province, this joint EOD operation proves that local security forces are almost able to conduct EOD operations by themselves. We found old some explosives and minefields of previous wars and also IEDs (improvised explosives devices) which are still the largest threats for this province people. In a short while the EOD work will be handled by ANSF of CCR.”

Right now, the Kandak (Battalion) 1.1 of the 1st Brigade, 207th ANA Corps, has already developed an EOD team. The Afghan National Police (ANP) Specialists are planning to train the same in the near future, too.
The main goal of the PRT Chaghcharan EOD team is to train ANSF CCR EOD specialists so that they are prepared to execute EOD operations on their own.

At this time, all EOD operations in Ghor are conducted under the supervision of the PRT Chaghcharan EOD team specialist.

Article by ISAF Regional Command West