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Karens Flee Fighting in Burma, But Live in Limbo in Thailand

The European Commission visited Burmese refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border this week to evaluate a shift in priorities from basic relief services to longer-term sustainable assistance. But as aid workers on the border scramble to cope with the newest wave of ethnic Karen refugees fleeing war at home, questions remain about whether sustainable assistance is possible in such an unstable region.

Last Chance in the Ivory Coast

Former Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara, the internationally recognized winner of a disputed election in the Ivory Coast, offered the incumbent president one last chance to resolve the disputed election.

Makeshift AA position

Libyan Rebel AA position.jpg

This is a photo of a makeshift AA position for the Libyan rebels, using a PKM machine gun.

Southern Sudan Fighting Kills 42

South Sudan's army says fighting between soldiers and rebels in Upper Nile state has killed 42 people.

Authorities say the clash broke out Saturday in Malakal after rebel militia attacked the town.

Southern army spokesman Philip Aguer said Monday that 40 militiamen and two soldiers were killed in the fighting.

At one point, more than 100 people, many of them orphans, became trapped by the crossfire after rebels took cover in a Malakal orphanage.

The charity SOS Children's Village, which runs the orphanage, says 103 children and staff were safely evacuated to a hotel.

Ivory Coast Fighting Spreads to Gbagbo Stronghold

Fighting between supporters of rival leaders in Ivory Coast has spread to a stronghold of Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent president who refuses to give up power.

Witnesses in the commercial capital of Abidjan reported heavy fighting Monday in Yopougon district, a neighborhood where most residents back Gbagbo.

The incumbent leader has defied international pressure to cede power to Alassane Ouattara, who most nations recognize as the winner of a presidential election in November.

Until now, most of the post-election violence in Abidjan has taken place in neighborhoods loyal to Ouattara.

Pro-Qaddafi Forces Ramp Up Airstrikes

Pro-Qaddafi forces have intensified air strikes against positions held by rebels. The strikes have continued as NATO continues its debate over what to do.

Qaddafi Likely To Win, U.S. Intelligence Believes

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress that Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi was likely to prevail in the Libyan civil war over the long run.

Degar-Montagnards: Authorities Refuse Inquiry Into Machete Attack

Vietnamese security forces refuse to investigate an unprovoked attack on a Degar family that leaves members severely wounded and justice appearing illusive

Below is an article published by the Montagnard Foundation:

Ongoing Fighting in Libya

Libyan rebels were driven from the town of Ras Lanouf by pro-Qaddafi forces using air strikes and artillery.