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MAXPEDITION® Fixed Blade Knives

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Running Defense with 3/3 Marines

Base Jumping, the Outlaw of Sports: Visit Dubai and the Swiss Alps Through Base Jumpers' Eyes

See here Dubai and the Swiss Alps through Base Jumpers' Eyes

Australians attended the recent BASE jumping event in Malaysia, where competitors legally threw themselves off some of the world’s tallest structures.

"Over there we're treated like stars, but we come back to Australia and we're just treated like criminals again," Australian BASE Association president Gary Cunningham told the Newcastle Herald.

Until the Last Shot is Fired


American Sniper Movie Trailer

K-9 Kye Gets an Officer's Sendoff

Salute to Our K-9 Officers, Military and Law Enforcement
The K-9 Kye, 3- year- old Belgian German Shepard, died after being stabbed by a burglary suspect on 24 August 2014. He was given an officer's funeral.


Side-by-side comparison of an authentic original manufacture equipment air bag deployment compared to a counterfeit air bag purchased by Homeland Security Investigations/Immigration and Customs Enforcement from Abdul Masood Qayumi, 25, of Surrey, B.C., who was sentenced Tuesday for trafficking in counterfeit goods.


Releases Second Anti-Bloomberg Ad
By Harold Hutchison

The National Rifle Association is not backing down from its battle with former New York City mayor and anti-gun zealot Michael Bloomberg. A second ad targeting the former mayor’s policies has been released.

US Navy Tribute - Hell Yeah

Fully Automatic Assaut Rifle at 18,000fps-The Slow Mo Guys

The Mad Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan head to Alabama to show you the mechanical workings of a fully automatic M4 Carbine with holographic sight as it fires 30 rounds in just over 2 seconds. Dan is in the British Army and has vast gun experience. Gav only has experience with an Xbox controller.

B-1 B-2 and B-52 Doing Heavy Carpet Bombing