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Irish Army Rangers: Counterterrorist/Special Operations Unit of the Irish Military

Irish Army Rangers: Counterterrorist/Special Operations Unit of the Irish Military

Another in the Series of Multinational Military Units.
The Army Ranger Wing are Ireland's elite special forces group, consisting of approximately 200 highly trained and skilled soldiers, and are the best funded and equipped unit of Ireland's armed forces. The Irish ARW show they're fully prepared if anyone dares. Next SOF issue (November) has a feature that has a unique insight into the operations of the Irish Army Ranger.

BORDER AGENT KILLED BY ILLEGALS who had been repeated deported

One Suspect Deported Four Times Prior to Robbery, Murder

Two suspects arrested in connection with the murder of an off-duty Border Patrol agent who was killed in front of his family during a robbery were in the United States illegally. Vega’s father was wounded in the attack.

BEST OF SOF - THE MAD DOG OF SOG!!! The Baddest Badass in Vietnam?

BEST OF SOF - THE MAD DOG OF SOG!!! The Baddest Badass in Vietnam?
By special request from SOF Fans Enjoy!

From the archives of Sept 2008 SOF, ALL COPYRIGHTS SOF, this is presented for individual use only. No reprints or use of any material without permission.


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Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene Killed Yesterday

New details have emerged in the slaying of Major General Harold Greene, who died as the result of a “green on blue” attack at a military academy west of Kabul. Greene was the highest-ranking officer to be killed by hostile action since Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude died in the attack on the Pentagon on 11 September, 2001.


The dynamics of the battlefield are forever changing. With the increasing threat of terrorism in our streets to the evolving situations of combat applications, a new paradigm in firearms was required.


Two-Star General Reported Killed

An American major general has reportedly been killed in an attack carried out by someone wearing an Afghan Army uniform at a military base in Afghnaistan. If so, this would be the highest-ranking officer killed in a “green on blue attack.” The attacker was reportedly killed.

Marine Action With the French Foreign Legion

Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SP-MAGTF) Crisis Response's Combat Camera created a production that highlighted Marines from 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment that were attached to SP-MAGTF Crisis Response as they conducted a bilateral training engagement with soldiers from the French Foreign Legion at Camp Des Garrigues, France between July 7 and July 11, 2014. Also available in high definition. (U.S. Marine Corps Motion Media by Staff Sgt. Tanner M. Iskra, SP-MAGTF Crisis Response, 2nd Marine Division Combat Camera/Released)

Live Fire With the AT-4

Members of the 155th Infantry Regiment conduct live fire training with the AT-4at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center. This training allows younger Soldiers the opportunity to fire an AT-4 and to see first hand how effective this weapon can be when used properly. Also available in high definition.Sgt. Michael Needham