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NDūR - Lensatic Compass w/Plastic case

The NDūR Lensatic Compass with Plastic Case is a direct spinoff of the very popular NDūR Lensatic Compass with Metal Case. The NDūR Lensatic Compass with Plastic Case is ideal for determining locations and terrain features, to follow a set course, orient a map and more. This compass is not only rugged and tough like its predecessor, the Lensatic Compass with Metal Case, but very lightweight and cost effective because of its plastic constructed case.

A.R.M.S.® #41™-B-L Silhouette™

Folding Front Sight with integral gas block. Fits Standard size AR15 (750) barrel, and has bayonet lug. 100% MADE IN THE USA.

The NEW A.R.M.S.® #41™-B-L SILHOUETTE™ Front Folding Sight solves the problem of trying to fold the well known triangle shape of the conventional non folding front sights. Barrel mounted in place. Utilizes a rugged spring loaded angled support system to eliminate getting caught up in brush and other combat hazards. Made of steel and also uses the standard front sight post. Pat. Nos. US7,721,482B1, and D588,228.


Breaking the Ice in a Big Way!
By Gary Paul Johnston

It’s no secret that long-range rifles in .50 BMG caliber (12.7x99mm) are the rage for competition, as well as law enforcement roles. Generally weighing between 20 and 40 pounds, these big bore rifles are semi-portable, and not for the faint of heart. Without efficient muzzle brakes, “.50s” could hardly be fired from the shoulder, and even with the best brakes, there is no mistaking that you are behind a big gun!

The .50 calibers come in a variety of operating systems, including single shots, bolt action repeaters and self-loading. Some of the single-shot .50s are actually conversions that replace the upper receiver groups of an AR-15 lower receiver, and these can be had in both single shot and bolt action repeaters, the latter having the magazine protrude out the left side and eject out the right.


Special edition Jumbo™ Versipack® optimized for Law Enforcement

Offering the same amount of organized space and convenient CCW access as the classic Jumbo Versipack, the Jumbo L.E.O. is built with a 15% weight reduction and comes enhanced with internal elastic loops to carry 4 handgun mags, a side sheath pocket that fits two M4/M16 30rnd mags or radio, and an integral cell phone pouch with quick-release buckle enclosure. This pack-on-your-side is your partner in the field.


IWI 40 MM Grenade Launcher

SPEC OPS BRAND Disaster Preparedness Kit

Recent national events have reminded us that everything can change in the blink of an eye. It takes only a few hours – or seconds – for a perfectly normal situation to become a disaster zone. This is why emergency preparedness is so crucial for our homeland defenders and those serving in tactical civilian applications. Spec.-Ops.® Brand believes that preparation is the key to effective emergency response. By preparing for the unknown – or “worst case scenarios” – you will be ready for anything. For optimal disaster preparedness, Spec.-Ops.® Brand has a line of preparedness products and kits. Are you prepared for the next major disaster?


Auto-Ordnance 1911 Black Slide and Hunter Orange Cerakote™ Frame, Extra Magazine Package

FLIR Scout BTS-X Pro QD100 Thermal Bi-Ocular from TNVC

FLIR’s Scout Series of Thermal Cameras gives hunters, hikers, campers, and outdoors enthusiasts the ability to see in complete darkness. The Scout Series is the first affordable, high end thermal optic available to civilians. Its highly sensitive thermal core detects heat rather than ambient light, allowing users to see through foliage, light smoke and fog. The Scout BTS-X Pro – QD100 utilizes a 320×240 resolution Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer for excellent thermal imagery and high-detail.

The BTS-X Pro QD100 is well-suited to predator and hog hunters. Like its H-Series cousin, the Scout Series runs off four rechargeable AA batteries. It can be plugged into a standard 12V car outlet, allowing for a constant full charge while riding around fields, hunting hogs. The included Hot Shoe provides a standard RCA composite video out connection for use with secondary monitors or recorders.

Sightmark Releases Military-Inspired LoPro Combo™ in Dark Earth

Sightmark® recently announced the highly anticipated LoPro Combo™ in dark earth. The new shade offers more than just customization; it’s also a strong proponent of concealment. With the LoPro Combo™ in dark earth, shooters can hone in on their targets with the confidence they’ll remain hidden.

This military-inspired, multi-functional laser and flashlight device can be mounted on a picatinny or weaver rail of an AR-15, either in front of a riflescope without interference with field-of-view, or on the side of the quad rail.


From the Kimber Custom Shop™ and loaded with important carry features like night sights and Crimson Trace Lasergrips. This firearm brings .45 ACP firepower in a compact package!

Pulsar Night Vision Expert Laser Range Finder Binoculars

Featuring an 8-power magnification, a laser rangefinder up to 1,000 meters and realistic color rendering, the Pulsar Expert Laser Range Finder Binocular is a vital tool for any tactical operator.


No longer are you scrambling to find all the essentials to defend yourself and your family in the middle of the night. In under 5 seconds you have your firearm, spare magazines, flashlight, cell phone, etc. and front ballistic protection from handgun threats! This product provides level IIIA soft armor protection in the front panel with pouches and pockets designed for your specific firearm. Six different models are available to suit your personal needs. A second soft armor panel for the rear panel is available as an accessory for additional protection. The Armorquick vest also functions as a plate carrier designed to hold rifle protection plates in both the front and rear if desired by the end user. The Armorquick vest provides exceptional utility in an all day comfortable package at an incredibly economic price. Armorquick vests are made in the USA!



Sale Through 1 September, 2014


Value means offering the most gun for the dollar, and Hi-Point proudly delivers. Their semi-automatic handguns and carbines are available in several calibers. Hi-Point firearms are 100% American-made from top to bottom and are very affordable.


Instant 4 season camping. Kifaru pioneered lightweight, collapsible stoves years ago as a practical, easy way to heat their shelters. They are still among the lightest, most compact backcountry wood stoves ever crafted - a great feature if you backpack, mush or use bush planes. This little furnace does double duty for both warmth and as a rangetop cookstove, and helps dry your gear. It heats Kifaru shelters in minutes, transforming your outing into a warm, relaxing, friendly environment.