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Breaking: Christians tossed out of Muslim anti-war demonstration in NYC

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About 1,000 Muslims and Leftist anti-war activists met at Union Square in New York City on Sunday for a “Stop War/Terrorism/Islamophobia” rally. The rally was organized by a coalition of leftist anti-war activists, including the ANSWER Coalition, and Muslim groups, including the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim Peace Coalition USA.

According to a counterprotester on the scene, “Besides the sea of them, there were two Christians peacefully preaching about how Jesus died for our sins, and the police told them to leave because they were “disturbing people.”

Most of the protesters for this well-organized event had arrived in a long line of yellow school busses. Most protest signs were professionally made and bore the stamp of the groups represented.

Iranian Press TV was on scene and filed this report. The headscarf-garbed female reporter summarized the event: "Inspired by the uprisings in the Middle East, North Africa and the United States, notably in Wisconsin and Ohio, thousands gather to call for what simply may be described as the restoration of peace and democracy.” CBS News weighed in with a similarly sympathetic report.

Interestingly, the Press TV reporter's statement echoes an earlier proclamation by Brian Becker, National Coordinator for the ANSWER Coalition, which helped organize this event. In this video, Becker says:

Our Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, we are building a revolutionary party with one idea in mind, that the same phenomena that happened in Egypt will actually happen in the United States.

In preparation for this concluding statement in the video, Becker builds a case for what sounds like a promise to use violence in street demonstrations, to "fight and defeat U.S. imperialism":

We are going to be in the street in two weeks... and some people are going to be demonstrating with us because they are against any war, they are against violence, they are against bloodshed... and while we don't like violence, we are not pacifists. And we recognize that violence is sometimes not only necessary, but necessary for the liberation of human beings..."

This really should come as no surprise. In earlier posts here and here, it was observed that the revolutions occuring throughout the Middle East and North Africa were organized by a coalition of radical Muslim groups, most prominently the Muslim Brotherhood--which controls all radical Muslim groups in the U.S. as well--and a collection of domestic and international socialist and communist organizations.

And while these organizations can call for the violent overthrow of the United States and scream an unholy cacaphony of provocative lies all day, two Christians quietly witnessing nearby are asked to leave because they are “disturbing people.”

If this is the kind of tolerance supported by the authorities, expect plenty more of the same.

Article by James Simpson, DC Independent Examiner