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“The Rest Of The Camel” Enters New York
By Harold Hutchison

“Today, we’d like to tell you what the rest of the camel looks like.”
Richard Aborn, then-President of Handgun Control, Inc.

8 December, 1993

The above statement was made shortly after President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Act into law. The anti-gunners, who had long expressed desires to go further than just background checks, unveiled their wide-ranging agenda that featured incredible government intrusion into the lives of Americans. They called it the “Gun Violence Prevention Act of 1994” – but they also called it “Brady II.”

In the House of Representatives for the 103rd Congress, the bill was known as H.R. 3932, and introduced by then-Representative Charles Schumer. In the Senate, it was S.1878 and S.1882, introduced by then-Senator Howard Metzenbaum. The legislation is sweeping – and it remains the next step the anti-gunners want to take.

America would end up with laws tougher than those in Canada, and well on the way to laws like those in England and Australia. And as of today, these goals are well on their way to being achieved in New York State. Governor Andrew Cuomo rammed the package through the New York State Senate by a 43-18 vote. The State Assembly passed the sweeping gun grab on Tuesday.

Brady II had everything the anti-gunners could have wanted. Licensing and registration of all handguns through the state police. Nationwide gun rationing would also be put into effect – to the tune of one gun a month. If your gun collection had more than 20 firearms, or if you had more than a thousand rounds of ammo, you would need to get a special license from the federal government – paying $300 every three years to exercise your Second Amendment rights. FFL fees would also skyrocket – to $1,000 per year. Magazines holding more than six rounds would be banned. Ammunition companies would also have to get an FFL. For good measure, there was also a semi-auto ban, and it also carried a ban on so-called “Saturday night specials” – more commonly called affordable handguns for self-protection.

In New York, some of these provisions are happening. There is a ban on so-called “assault weapons” – and there is a ban on magazines holding more than seven rounds. Governor Andrew Cuomo, it seems, has decided to go further than many anti-gunners have gone before. The law bans new magazines holding more than seven rounds. It also creates licensing and registration for all gun owners. It is almost everything that the anti-gunners would have wanted at the state level.

The new law was signed into law on Tuesday. At this point, we need to remember just how far the anti-gunners want to go. Do not forget this – and Second Amendment activists in New York have a tough row to hoe right now. It is safe to assume that there may be legal challenges, but with the Supreme Court at a delicate 5-4 balance, and with cases likely to take a while, the legal fight is no option. Sadly, New York will be very difficult territory for a long time.

Worse, what is to say that after the next mass shooting, a ghoulish opportunist like Governor Andrew Cuomo will stop where he has? In 1991, when New York City passed a gun ban, they used registration lists to enforce it. “The New York City Police Department (NYPD) had notified the 2,340 New Yorkers who had been licensed earlier to possess semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that any of those licensed firearms that were covered by the ban had to be surrendered, rendered inoperable or taken out of the city. The recipients of the notification were directed to send back a sworn statement indicating what had been done with those firearms,” the NRA reported, adding that “spot checks” to ensure compliance were planned by the NYPD.

The fate of New York gun owners is one that anti-gunners intend for us all. Rather than address the real problems surrounding mass shootings and crime, which would involve the tough tasks of addressing mental health care access and the disintegration of families in certain parts of the country, they want to scapegoat law-abiding gun owners and punish them for the failures of allegedly “progressive” social policies.

Brady II remains what anti-gunners want to pass when they get the slightest excuse to scapegoat your Second Amendment rights for the actions of gang members and/or madmen. If you don’t want to suffer the same fate as New York gun owners, you have to get involved. Go to http://membership.nrahq.org/ to join the NRA. Then go to https://www.nraila.org/get-involved-locally/forms/secure/frontlines.aspx to become part of NRA-ILA’s Frontlines to help fight gun grabs at all levels of government.