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Lerner got $42K As More Details of IRS Harassment Emerge
By Harold Hutchison

The IRS official in charge of the division where many Tea Party applications for non-profit status were kept in limbo and where many groups opposed to the Obama agenda were facing harassment, received $42,000 in bonuses.

While Tea Party groups faced very intrusive questions, a number of progressive groups breezed through the non-profit process, USA Today reported. The Daily Caller also noted that a foundation set up by Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik was granted retroactive tax-exempt status.

Meanwhile, the scandal also reached into more groups. A pro-life group reported IRS questioning going back to June 2009 – months before the Tea Party became a political force. Conservative groups also reported being hindered by other government agencies. The Competitive Enterprise Institute reported that they were often charged fees, while environmentalist groups routinely had fees waived.