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Beirut, Abuja, and Seiyun All Hit
By Harold Hutchison

A string of bombing and attacks over the last 48 hours, stretching from Nigeria to Yemen, left at least 22 people dead and a number of others wounded. The attacks were carried out by various Islamist groups.

According to multiple reports, the deadliest of the attacks targeted the upscale Emab Plaza in Abuja, Nigeria. The attack left 22 people dead, and came two days after a checkpoint was overrun by Boko Haram terrorists, killing 21 Nigerian troops.

In Beirut, Lebanon, a murder-suicide bomber detonated a device that wounded ten people. A second would-be bomber was stopped before he could detonate his device. Two other explosions had occurred in the week prior to the murder-suicide bombing.

In Seiyun, a city in the eastern part of Yemen, Islamic militants attacked an airport. The militants seized control of a building, and were fighting with Yemeni troops. Around the time the attack on the airport started, a bombing at an army base in Hadramawt province was hit by a bombing, killing two soldiers. Yemen has been a base for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.