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Kenyan Jets Deliver Ordnance on Targets
By Harold Hutchison

Three F-5Es in formation.
(USAF photo)

Kenyan Air Force jets struck two al-Shabab camps in the lower Juba region of Somalia. The strikes are the latest in the East African country’s ongoing war with the terrorist group with ties to al-Qaeda.

According to a report by VOA, the strikes hit targets near the towns of Anole and Kuday. At least 80 al-Shabab terrorists were reportedly killed in the attacks.

While the VOA report did not describe exactly which planes were used, Kenya’s primary combat jet is the Northrop F-5E Tiger II. Currently, the East African nation has 17 of the single-seat F-5E in service, along with four F-5F trainers. Some of the planes were acquired from Jordan in 2011.

The F-5 was designed from a 1962 request for an “export fighter” made by the John F. Kennedy administration. The plane has a range of 760 nautical miles, and can carry 7,000 pounds of bombs, as well as two air-to-air missiles on the wingtips. Among the weapons it can use are the AGM-65 Maverick missile, dumb bombs like the Mk 82, and cluster bombs.

Some F-5Es have received upgrades to carry the AIM-120 AMRAAM.