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BOKO HARAM Gone wild, kidnaps wife of Cameroon's Prime Minister

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Wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister Taken Captive

Boko Haram, the terrorist group notorious in recent months for its kidnapping of women, has struck again. This time, the woman they have kidnapped is the wife of Cameroon’s vice prime minister.

According to reports from the Washington Free Beacon and Reuters, the kidnapping took place yesterday. The attack targeted the village of Kolofata, in the northern part of Cameroon. Reports also indicated that a number of others, including a local religious leader, Seini Boukar Lamine, who also served as the mayor of Kolofata.

Cameroonian forces have deployed to the northern part of that country to help fight Boko Haram, which has launched raids in the northern part of that country. In March, 22 Boko Haram thugs were captured by Cameroonian troops. They were given 10 to 20-year sentences this past Friday.

The leader of Boko Haram has offered to release some of those kidnapped in past kidnappings, including some of 276 girls kidnapped in April, in exchange for Boko Haram fighters who were captured by Nigerian government forces.