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Counter-Protest to Million Moslem March Planned for 9/11
By Harold Hutchison

The planned counter-protest to the Million Moslem March was denied a permit by the D.C. government. However, the organizers have promised that the event will continue.

“Washington DC has DENIED our permit for a no-stop ride through Washington DC. We find this regretful for the residents and businesses of that great city, and humbly offer our apologies. What could have been a one or two hour ride through will now likely be an all day event. We will be obeying all laws. We will be stopping at all stoplights, stop signs, and yielding to all pedestrians,” the organization posted on its Facebook page.

“On behalf of the National ‘2 Million Bikers to DC’ Team, please accept our sincere apologies. We did the right thing and went through the proper channels to secure a no-stop permit to ride through your great city. We wanted to ride an established route, which would have taken us past the Viet Nam Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial, across the bridge into Virginia, and that's it! We would have been completely out of Washington DC, and your city would have been back to normal,” the group went on to say.

The Million Moslem March, which had called itself the “Million Americans Against Fear” demonstration, did get a permit from the D.C. government.