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Bean bag bullets vs AK-47s...AZ policy??

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Dear Fellow Former and Present Agents

Please allow me to interject a bit of perspective on this subject in hopes of clarifying the situation.

We are all saddened and angry concerning what we know or have heard concerning Agent Terry's death. We can only imagine the level of cover-your-ass jockeying that is going on in CBP/DHS at all levels. Consider the possibility that we will never know what really happened by the time all the pressure and structured debriefs take place. Perhaps what we have heard to date is more accurate than what the official line may one day prove to be. From what I am hearing, this is a massive screw up of epic and unprecedented proportions. So, please consider the following facts.

We in NAFBPO know from experience that Commissioner Bersin's Office is a fertile source of denial, mis and disinformation, especially concerning the effects of Wilderness Along The Border on B.P. Operations. Agent Terry's death is related to Wilderness on the Border and NAFBPO has been harping on the dangers to BP Agents operating in these proposed areas for years. Does anyone believe Secretary Napolitano's assertion that the border is safer now than it has ever been?

Go to Google Earth and type in (Peck Well Santa Cruz County Arizona) that is the reported location of the Terry shooting 12-14-2010. It is in the center of the proposed Tumacacori Highlands Wilderness Area proposed by Congressman Raul Grijalva in HR-3287. When I look out my kitchen window I am looking at the cleft in Peck Canyon that shields Peck Well. This area is accessed through the Pajarita Wilderness from Mexico and is contiguous Wilderness or proposed Wilderness for 24 miles north of the border.

While in Google Earth type in (Toruno Tank Santa Cruz County Arizona) (On some quads it is listed as Paja Verde Tank) that is the reported location of the Agent Shooting on December 29, 2009. That agent has recovered and returned to duty. (Yes, Two agent shootings in less than a year in the Peck Canyon area.)

Look between Peck Well and the end of the Coronado National Forest on the East Side in Peck Canyon and you will see terrain where at least one dead body, two woundings and several other non injury shootings took place since April 2010. And that was only what was reported. (8-12 miles north of border)

Immediately West of Peck Well is the Bear Grass Tank area where game and fish officials were shot at and two archers were held up and stripped at gun point, etc..etc..

Now, ask yourself this question, " Who in their right mind would voluntarily take bean bag rounds into that environment unless pressured or directed to do so? "

Sabe ? Hopefully this clarifies the issue for you.

Zack Taylor, 112th BPA, NAFBPO.org, Rio Rico, Arizona