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Gun-Grabber Introduces New Law
By Harold Hutchison

Reloaders and those who use antique firearms, mostly muzzle-loaders, could soon find themselves facing background checks to buy powder if one of the most anti-gun senators has his way. Senator Frank Lautenberg has introduced legislation that will place black powder substitutes and smokeless powder under 18 USC Chapter 40, which governs explosives.

The legislation, introduced in response to the 15 April, 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon, not only would require a background check and acquisition of a license (costing $50 for three years), but it adds new categories of prohibited persons. In essence, this bill goes from regulating people who are in the business of making ammo to now requiring hobbyists to get a federal license.

“This has huge ramifications with smokeless powder being the main propellant utilized in modern firearms ammunition,” Predator Intelligence wrote at their blog. Breitbart.com noted that the legislation limits the amount of powder a person could possess, but there is no indication as to what the exact limit would be. The legislation also give the Attorney General discretion in issuing the licenses.

Black powder is already regulated under the law.