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Will Obama Go For Back-Door Gun Grabs?
By Harold Hutchison

Not even a year after the last round of negotiations, the United Nations is again trying to negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty. The NRA has been monitoring the negotiations, promising to oppose any effort to impose limits on civilian gun ownership.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon welcomed negotiators, saying, “I am confident that member states will overcome their differences and muster the political will needed to agree on this landmark treaty.”

But at Big Government, a Breitbart News website, AWR Hawkins warned of a new back-door gun grab that could be coming.

“[T]he ATT contains ambiguities regarding the application of new firearm regulations and import restrictions. And this means the moment the ATT goes into effect--should it be ratified--the types of guns allowed to enter America would largely depend on each U.S. Presidential administration's opinion of what is or isn't appropriate,” Hawkins wrote.

Since the last round of treaty negotiations failed, groups like Amnesty International and Oxfam have been ramping up the pressure for the United States to sign on to a treaty. In February, the American Bar Association also issued a report, claiming the treaty did not add any restrictions not already present in U.S. laws. However, Fox News reported that the IANSA, a radical anti-gun group whose American members include the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence, has been helping African countries prepare for the treaty negotiations. In 2008, the international anti-gun group called the Supreme Court’s decision in the Heller case “radical” after it invalidated Washington, D.C.’s gun ban.