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As acolytes of Saul Alinsky who preached the politics of personal destruction, liberals consistently demonize their opponents as either stupid or evil. Since nobody can honestly oppose their worldview, those are the only two alternatives. It's one or the other, sometimes both, but never neither.

The libs couldn't claim Nixon was stupid, so he had to be evil. They couldn't make the sale that Reagan was evil, so he had to be stupid. Infected with BDS, they raged at Bush 42 for being both.

Last week (8/29), we saw the con applied to Rick Perry. Some hack named Jonathan Martin wrote a piece in the widely-read Politico site entitled, Is Rick Perry Dumb? The Perry-is-stupid meme instantly flooded the liberal blogosphere. Google "Perry" + "dumb" and you'll get 22 million hits.

All conservatives are driven crazy by the gargantuan bias and hypocrisy of the liberal media. It's been that way all our lives. It's time to put an end to it. If media hacks can ask if Rick Perry is stupid, then we can ask:

Are journalists fascists?

And look upon the question as rhetorical, for of course they are.

There's almost no way to overemphasize the importance of doing this, of discrediting what is called the Mainstream Media (MSM) but should instead be known as the Fascist Media (FM) in the public's eye.

For the voting public must choose between freedom or fascism in 2012 and the FM will do everything it can to see it chooses the latter.

There is now proof of this. Dr. Tim Groseclose is the Marvin Hoffenberg Chair of American Politics, a full professor of political science and a full professor of economics at UCLA. For years he has been objectively analyzing and quantifying media bias of all political stripes. His research demonstrates conclusively an extraordinary liberal bias throughout American media - and that it profoundly distorts election results.

Dr. Groseclose shows that liberal media bias enables the Democrat candidate in a typical election to get between 8 and 10% more votes than he otherwise would have gotten. Were it not for such pro-Democrat media bias in 2008, for example, Zero would have lost to McCain 46% to 53%, instead of landslide-winning by 56% to 42%.

His rigorous analysis confirms that every mainstream national news outlet has a liberal bias, and that only 4 out of every 100 news outlets examined lean right.

Which is why the very first thing conservatives must do to end the bias and hypocrisy of the Fascist Media is to read Dr. Groseclose's book: Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind.

Every Tea Party group in the country should study and discuss the book, for then they'll be armed for battle.

And battle it must be. The Fascist Media can never be defeated if we continue to bitch, moan, complain, and stay on the defensive. The only way to win any game is to go on the offensive, to go on the attack - and to do so smartly, no stupid Pickett's Charge at the enemy's strong points. You attack him where he is most vulnerable.

Yes, the Fascist Media is slowly bleeding to death, typified by their flagships of the New York Times and Washington Post sinking in a sea of revenue loss. The problem is the qualifier "slowly." We need to speed this process up and put the FM out of its misery.

It won't be done with advertiser boycotts. That's too indirect with too many targets. No, we need a direct assault at a critically vulnerable chink in their armor. So let's ask - what's the one word libtards are most afraid of? More specifically, the word they hate to be called, putting them on the defensive, more than any other?

You can call them communists, socialists, lefties, they don't care. Calling them Nazis is offensive to everyone. Calling folks racists doesn't mean anything anymore - the libs have so emptied the accusation of meaning that it's just a schoolyard taunt, the equivalent of sticking your tongue out at someone.

No, the word they hate and fear and can't tolerate being called is fascist.
Most of you are familiar with the term meme - a cultural gene (a belief or behavior) replicated by imitation that becomes part of the way folks look at or act in the world. We need to have the perception of the liberal-biased media as fascist be a widespread and accepted meme.

This is a job for the Tea Parties. In every letter to the editor, every message to politicians, in every communicative way possible, use the term Fascist Media, FM, rather Mainstream/Lamestream Media or any other term.
Journalists, reporters, commentators, pundits who work for the FM are fascists. They are not legitimate reporters of the news. They are propagandists of the Demagogue Party and its fascist agenda of never-ending government control over our lives. They are not honest, they are liars and professional distortionists of the truth.

In every Townhall with a local, state, or national politician, Tea Partyers should use the FM term in any question, and directly request the politician denounce the FM's unmitigated bias as fascist. They need to pressure politicians to use the FM term themselves, and to call biased journalists fascists to their faces in interviews and press conferences.

FM journalists need to be stripped of their legitimacy, their pretense of being "reporters" of the "news." What we really need is a presidential candidate like Perry or Bachmann who has the moxie to confront the FM as such with no holds barred. Gingrich could do it, as he enjoys taking down lib debate moderators, but it's doubtful Romney could.

In fact, a good place for this to begin would be the Republican presidential candidate debates. The first question to ask here is why should lib moderators and their gotcha questions be tolerated at all? Next, take the fight to them, make their FM bias an issue in the debate itself, and then a campaign issue.

After all, the examples of FM bias, dishonesty, and hypocrisy are endless. Here's a compilation of their scurrilous attacks on conservatives. Newsbusters has examples by the truckload. The Media Bias Page has more. There's a comprehensive discussion of the phenomenon in Conservapedia
Perhaps the most infuriating strategy of the FM is its resolute refusal to report on Zero/Dem scandals that it would bray to the moon as impeachable if committed by Pubs. Solyndra-gate is Obama's Enron . Eric Holder is the most corrupt Attorney General the US has ever had - as typified by the Fast and Furious scandal, which the FM ignores. Hoffa Junior can publicly call conservatives sonsofbitches who should be beat up or killed ("take them out") by union thugs, and it's no problem for the editor of Newsweek.

At some point, a presidential frontrunner like Perry has got to say this to a reporter from The New York Times while looking at him right in the eye:
"Look, let's get something straight. You are not a legitimate reporter. You do not work for a legitimate news organization. Stop pretending you are and do. You are instead a professional paid propagandist for the Democrat Party and its fascist agenda. As such, you are a member of the Fascist Media.

"Accurately reporting truthful news is not the purpose of your work. Your purpose is achieving a fascist level of government control over the lives and businesses of Americans. So stop pretending to be something you are not. I'm sick of it, I won't tolerate it anymore. Just admit you're a Democrat propagandist, and then we might be able to have a honest discussion."

And should the FM member ask, "Are you calling the President of the United States a fascist?", Perry could smile and reply, "You have a marvelous grasp of the obvious."

Time to rise up, TeaPartyers. Time to read Left Turn, time to take on the Fascist Media head on, time to demand conservative politicians on every level do so as well. Our country's existence as a free nation is at stake. It's time to put an end to fascism pretending to be journalism.

Article by Dr. Jack Wheeler, ToThePointNews.com