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New Documents Outline Assertion from Obama Administration
By Harold Hutchison

The Department of Defense is labeling Catholics and evangelical Christians as “extremists” – and also views a list of “hate groups” cobbled together by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a “reliable resource.”

According to a report by Todd Starnes of FoxNews.com, the Chaplain’s Alliance for Religious Liberty obtained over 1500 pages after making a Freedom of Information Act request, discovered the classifications. “The materials we obtained establish that the U.S. military violated its appropriate apolitical stance and engaged in a dishonorable mischaracterization of multiple faith groups,” Ron Crews, the organization’s executive director, told FoxNews.com.

A series of incidents involving senior enlisted men and the censorship of a chaplain’s essay have raised questions about the state of religious freedom in the United States military. Congress included new language protecting religious freedom, but the Obama Administration has threatened a veto.