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JTF Guard Force Troopers transport a detainee

Former Gitmo Inmate Supported Jihadis
By Harold Hutchison

A prominent opponent of the United States detention policies surrounding Guantanamo Bay has been arrested on terrorism charges. British police busted Moazzam Begg yesterday on the charges.

According to multiple media reports, at least two other people were arrested with Begg. The BBC reported the charged stemmed from attending a terrorist training camp and for being a facilitator for terrorism. Begg’s activities had drawn concerns since, according to the Daily Mail, over 400 British subjects have gone to Syria to fight – and at least 20 have died, including one who set off a murder-suicide bombing.

Tom Jocelyn of the Weekly Standard noted a report by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General said, “Begg sympathized with the cause of al-Qaeda, attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and England so that he could assist in waging global jihad against enemies of Islam, including Russia and India.”

Begg was often promoted by various human rights groups, including Amnesty International and the ACLU, as a victim of the George W. Bush Administration’s policies in the War on Terror. Jocelyn noted, “Begg also helped spread jihadist propaganda, including that of Anwar al Awlaki, who was eventually killed in a U.S. drone stroke”

According to the BBC, Begg had claimed that he was being harassed by British authorities for what he claimed were his efforts to expose “the British Government’s complicity in torture.”

Even though Begg had also admitted to being a jihadist, he was still celebrated and touted by those who sought to close detention facilities as Guantanamo Bay. Jocelyn said, “Few people have bothered to investigate Begg’s story, to weigh the evidence and consider whether or not he was telling the truth. His post-Guantanamo activism on behalf of known al Qaeda actors has been similarly ignored.”