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Naqibullah Killed in Jowzjan Province
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that Naqibullah was killed during an operation in Jowzjan province, making him the third Taliban leader or facilitator to be killed or captured in since Thursday in that province. This is in addition to four other high-level insurgents being killed or captured over the weekend.

Naqibullah was involved in multiple direct fire and improvised explosive device attacks targeting Afghan and coalition forces. He also took part in Taliban “tax collections” in the province.

ISAF also confirmed that two personnel died in a helicopter crash. The ISAF release did not identify the helicopter involved or the nationality of those lost. The incident is under investigation and according to ISAF, no enemy activity was noted in the vicinity of the crash.

In 2011, a Chinook carrying Navy SEALs was shot down by insurgents, killing 30 U.S. military personnel, eight Afghans, and a military working dog. It was the largest loss of life for ISAF in Operation Enduring Freedom.