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Are India’s Submarines Jinxed?
By Harold Hutchison

Roughly six months after the Kilo-class submarine INS Sindhurakshak suffered an explosion and sank at the pier, another Indian Navy submarine has had a serious accident.

According to a Fox News report, seven Indian sailors were airlifted to a hospital, and two remain missing after being overcome by smoke while training to fight fires earlier today. The submarine the incident occurred on was not identified, but the report stated was that it had been operating off the coast of Mumbai.

India has fourteen submarines in service. Four are German-built Type 209-class submarines, two of which were built in India. The other ten are Russian-designed and built Kilo-class submarines. India is planning to put six Scorpene-class diesel-electric submarines into service – and is currently building the first three vessels.

Since 2010, Indian Navy submarines have suffered a number of incidents. INS Sindhurakshak suffered a fire in February 2010 that killed one sailor. On 30 August, 2010, INS Shankush had an officer killed after he was washed overboard while rescuing a maintenance team who had also gone overboard. On 14 August, 2013, 18 Indian sailors were killed when the Sindhurakshak exploded and sank pierside.

Of eight incidents since the start of 2010, Indian submarines have been involved in four of them. Are India’s submarines jinked?