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Anti-Gunners Seek To Isolate Second Amendment Advocates
By Harold Hutchison

Anti-gun activists are trying to isolate you. In the wake of the tragic murder of 20 innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the anti-gun extremists are now expanding their fronts against law-abiding gun owners to new levels. Prior to Christmas, a new front opened up when a left-wing group targeted Wyndham Worldwide – the company that owns the Wingate, Best Western, and Days Inn hotel chains, among others – over the offer to give NRA members discounts. This is not unusual – many hotel chains do the same sort of thing for AAA and other associations. But the attempt to cancel the discounts is worth noting – and it is a new threat.

Already, anti-gun activists are openly talking about their desire to marginalize and isolate gun owners – like they are plague carriers or worse. “It Was Done on Tobacco. It Can Be Done on Guns” is the headline of a piece by former Brady Campaign shyster Dennis Hengian. To top it off, we have even seen a newspaper publishing an interactive map of those who have pistol permits in two New York counties.

Much of the media is also jumping in. Hosts like Piers Morgan, Soledad O’Brien, Roland Martin, and others have all gone on the warpath. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has turned his back on his Second Amendment support in Congress. Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, is calling for gun bans. It had already started with Bob Costas going on an anti-gun rant after the murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jevon Belcher. Now, the anti-gun push is in overdrive.

This front may matter as much as the upcoming legislative fight – and probably even more. The fact remains, if the anti-gunners succeed in socially isolating Second Amendment advocates, we will eventually lose our gun rights. It is a very serious long-term threat.

The fact is, the Constitution is from We the People, and we need to convince our fellow citizens to support the Second Amendment. If we are cut off from presenting our case to the American people, that won’t happen – and anti-gunners know it. That is why they are trying to isolate us.

It’s right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” By cutting the NRA off, they intend to kill it, and then kill our Second Amendment rights. Already, they are moving to isolate the NRA, with code Pink interrupting the 21 December press conference. We have to stop that effort to cut us off, and we must do so quickly.

So, what are we to do? The enemy – harsh language, but mincing words will hurt us by blinding us to the obvious – is already moving to cut us off, and they have dominance over pop culture, the news media, and are trying to leverage them to their advantage. The danger to our gun rights is very real. Second Amendment supporters need to understand that someone who proposes restricting your rights over an incident you had nothing to do with has already declared their hostility towards you.

So, what do we do about the enemy? Believe it or not, in many ways, this threat to gun rights can be halted by grass-roots action, the same way that political enemies can be defeated. In the world of commerce, NRA members can, as a bloc, support their friends, and defeat their enemies. It is that simple, albeit it is both easier and harder. Businesses tend to want to minimize political controversy – it interferes with the bottom line.

The first step is to support those who have been targeted. If you are an NRA member, use the Wyndham hotels for your vacation – and let them know why you are. If you aren’t able to plan a vacation soon, get in touch with them and politely encourage them to stick with the NRA. They will be desperate for support – and if they only hear from hysterical anti-gun activists, they may drop the NRA to avoid a boycott, with the resulting loss of business and public relations nightmares. On the other hand, if they find out they may lose more money or business from dropping their NRA discount, they may keep it, because they will simply trade one political headache for another – and their bottom line will be hurt more by dropping the discount than it will be by standing with the NRA.

In many reality shows, some characters may dominate physical challenges, but they will fail to win the top prize because they rub people the wrong way in the course of making it to the end. The same can be true in the political sense. If we win the legislative fights, it won’t matter if neighbors are against the Second Amendment, vote that way, and take part in isolating gun owners.

So, the second step is to humanize yourself among your neighbors. Be very involved in the local PTA, be involved with the Neighborhood Watch, and also talk with your neighbors. Conduct yourself with unfailing politeness. Be known as someone reliable and involved – who just happens to own an AR-15 or some other semi-auto, and who just happens to support the Second Amendment. This is probably just as critical – because if members of your neighborhood see who you are, and then see the headlines, they will believe their eyes over the media.

This critical step is how you can turn such things around. Maybe that neighbor never owns an AR-15 or joins the NRA, but at a bare minimum, when something like Newtown happens, he or she will not jump into the hysteria – you will get a fair hearing on the issue, and they will not join the figurative lynch mob. The groundwork to get that will take time to build, but it will pay off when a Piers Morgan flies into anti-gun hysteria.

The third step is to take the fight to the enemy. Anti-gun activists need funds – and here, we can take the fight to them, and turn the tables, but only after we have built the social networks in our neighborhoods.

If a local business is supporting a group like the Brady Campaign, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, or other groups opposing your Second Amendment rights, ask them to stop supporting those who seek to punish you for a tragedy you had no part in. Bring them the facts about the real agenda of the anti-gun extremists, and be polite. They may reconsider their support. If they don’t, then be prepared to organize a boycott. Don’t start one right away – instead, wait for the timing to paint this not only as a pro-Second Amendment protest, but to also show them as supporting groups who ghoulishly try to exploit tragedies. If you can make this about their support of people who exploit tragedies, there may be a much broader base of support for your efforts.

Ultimately, the fight for your Second Amendment rights that is coming will be all-encompassing. This will not only be fought in the halls of Congress and your state legislature, it will be fought around local and national businesses, and even in your local neighborhoods. Winning the social battles and stopping the isolation will be essential to save your gun rights.