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Ankle Holsters

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Ankle Holsters:

For several years, I've been carrying my copy of the Kahr PM45, as my
backup pistol. Small, flat, and short, and loaded with Cor-Bon 185gr DPX
ammunition, it makes a wonderful little six-shooter.

I've been carrying it, very comfortably, in a Comp-Tac IWB holster on my
support (left) side. However, with two guns, plus spare magazine, and
First-Light Tomahawk flashlight, my waistband is heavy.

My good friend, Tom Kulwicki, who now runs Alessi Holsters in NY (since the
passing of my old friend and colleague, Lou Alessi, in 2009) recently sent
me a copy of his wonderful ankle holster that securely holds both my PM45
Pistol, and a spare magazine, all comfortably out of sight on my left ankle.

Tom has ingeniously placed the spare magazine carrier, so that the magazine
is at the rear of my leg. The whole package is secure and comfortable.

All carry-position options have advantages and disadvantages, but comfort
and convenience are important considerations for all of us.

When you're looking for an suitable carry-option for a back-up pistol, the
Kahr PM45 in Alessi's Ankle Holster is a combination you should look at.




John S. Farnam